Enabled these trinkets due to no balance issues being found :
– Cutlery Set, Portable Weapons Satchel, Pulse Booster, Ammo Vest, Kevlar Armor, Hemostasis Implant, Regeneration Implant.
– Lacerator Nerfs: 250->200 HP,20->13 PounceDMG
– Increase Tank’s melee size from 4.5 -> 5.8
– Reverted knife balances, knife is now original speed.

Part 2 :
– Sender and Repair teleporters now have uses for multiple team mates.
– Sender and Repair teleporters now have proper 3d ui to display info.
– Lowered stock of teleporters to help balance new feature.

Part 3 :
– Disabled giving / dropping of items until Wave 3 to prevent loot feeding.

Posted December 25, 2020