– Created a headcrab coupling system that allows headcrabs a 10% chance to latch onto humans during an attack.
Humans must click to break the grasp of the headcrab. Upon breaking free, the headcrab dies instantly by the victims hand.
If the headcrab is successful in coupling, the headcrab then becomes a Fresh Dead taking the victims place. The victim is spawned elsewhere. Damage during the coupling is RNG from 4 DMG to 8. Each being dealt at 1 second intervals.
System Created by Mka0207, Viewmodel hands by lexydut18, play testing by FWKZT members.
Special thanks to lexydut18 for staying up 5 hours helping me test the system!

– Fresh Dead now have headcrabs.
– Fresh Dead speed increased from 175 -> 185.

Planned :
– All headcrab variants will have supported coupling. This means Poison Headcrabs and Fast Headcrabs can do it.

Update #2:
– Increased headcrab couple chance from 10% -> 20%.

Posted December 27, 2020