– Fixed headcrab coupling bug when being selected as boss.
– Fixed coupling hint showing to fast headcrabs despite not having the ability.
– Rewrote the weapon attachment system to be more optimized and overall more stable.
– Updated Arsenal GUI to allow more items in a single page.
– Renabled tier based organization in the arsenal.
– Fixed flashlight not turning off after deaths.
– Patched grenade jump exploit.
– Combined mutations and abilities into one category called “Mutations”.
– Created new mutation for “Skeletal Walker” so players can become the class via DNA.
– Removed E+Q attachment menu.
– You now attach things to weapon via the ALT inventory menu, just click the attachment and select attach to weapon.
– Disabled Poison Zombie detach ability due to model crashes.
– Patched exploit with zombie sprint and zombie spawn protection.
– Optimized more deployables.
– Renabled props having a broken state before being destroyed.
– Fixed issues with teleporting not canceling if away from sigils/frags.
– Poplocked AFK takeover to prevent heavy cpu usage on highpop.
– Gens can now teleport players by using E on the center. (no telepad required)

Posted March 21, 2021