Human Additions:
– Added Melee charging ability to club-like weapons >= Tier 2 with exceptions (Bagel)

– Added “Junk Pack” to point shop (Bagel)

– Added New Tier 3 Weapon: “Trigger Happy” Broken Shotgun (Bagel)
– Added New Tier 3 Weapon: “TEC-9” Auto Pistol (Lexy)
– Added New Tier 4 Weapon: “G11” Burst Rifle (Medic Man)
– Added New Tier 5 Weapon: “Warmonger” PPSH (Bagel/Tuck)
– Added New Tier 5 Weapon: “Captain’s Hand cannon” (Bagel)
– Added New Tier 6 Weapon: “Barrett M82” Sniper Rifle (Lexy)

– Added New Consumable: “Stim” (Lexy)

– Replaced old Battle-Classes with 12 new ones (Medic Man)

– Included custom assets made/ported by Lexy

Zombie Additions:
– Added More animations to Zombine, crouching etc. (Bagel)
– Added New Zombie Type: Radiation Zombie (Bagel)
– Added New Status Effect: Radiation (Bagel)

General Additions:
– Cosmo Canyon now has a Materia HUD

– Boss zombie prices increase by 5 for every wave after wave 2 (Bagel)
– The Consumable, “Steroids”, have been reenabled and balanced (Lexy)
– Medicrifle strength path reenabled and balanced (Lexy)

– Fixed Turret traces colliding with force field (Bagel)
– Fixed Ported weapon(s) world models (Lexy/Mka)
– Fixed Scorch Blade world model facing wrong direction (Bagel)
– Fixed Electrohammer model elements’ wrong angles (Bagel)
– Fixed Tank sounds (Bagel)

– Tickle Monster attack range increased from 125 to 150 (Bagel)

Posted April 01, 2022