– Reworked z9000 pulse pistol into a burst fire weapon styled after Alyx’s Gun. (MK)
– Increased the reload speed on the “Snitcher” Shotgun. (TUCK)
– Gave the “Sprayer” Uzi the ability to attach the Quickdraw Magazine. (TUCK)
– Reworked the “Ricochete” Magnum “Backlash” Remantle to having reduced damage for a better ricochete damage multiplier and better accuracy per direct hit.(TUCK)
– Replaced deployable teleporters with a handheld teledevice. (MK and Lexydut)
– Added navmesh for zs_ravine (Bagel)
– Anti-Bhop systems are now ignored during dev tower maps.(MK)
– Shotguns now do more damage to skeleton shamblers. (MK)
– Wrench now repairs generators at a faster rate.(MK)
– Feign, Burrow and Poison spit mutations are now enabled by default.(MK)
– Antlion now has proper pain sounds, blended walk animations and a HL2 accurate nest texture.(MK)
– Disabled most ammo trinkets to make room for new attachments for weapons.(MK)
– Enabled Extended Mag and Quick Draw. (MK)
– Butcher is now unlocked for wave 2. (MK)
– Loot sharing is now allowed on early waves. (MK)
– Disabled props having a broken state before being destroyed.(MK)
– Fixed custom health bars not displaying.(MK)
– Nerfed Exfil zombie hp from 100->50.(MK)
– Moved skeletal shambler from mutations to main class menu.(MK)

Posted April 10, 2021