– Hauler drone mains no longer have to worry about people stealing items held. (Bagel)
Only the owner can grab whatever the hauler is holding.
– Added discord special map notifications (/notify <type>) (Bagel, MKA)
You can use this to be notified when specific gametypes are being played
– Added discord game_results chat that displays data about each ZS round. (MKA)
– Buffed zombines melee damage from 30 -> 45. (MKA)
– Disabled headcrabs on freshdead/butcher for now (bug) (MKA)
– Bastardzine can now strafe while pouncing. (MKA)
– Renabled headcrab couple takeover ( after killing a human via couple, you will take them over ) (MKA)
– Fixed a bug that was causing the kill feed to not show sometimes.(MKA)
– Created PVP mode for future Battle Royale events.(MKA)
– Replaced the Radhammer with the Warhammer model made by Lexydut18.
– Increased the swing time of the Kongol Axe from 0.6 to 1.2 seconds. (Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Executioner Axe from 110 to 105.(Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Great Scythe from 97.5 to 90(Tuck)
– Decreased the range of Lucille from 85 to 75.(Tuck)
– Increased the size (0.875 to 1.2) and the knockback (0 to 50) of the Guitar.(Tuck)
– Increased the knockback on the Guitar Fender Bender Remantle from +10 to +50.(Tuck)
– Increased the knockback of the Metal Chair from 15 to 100 (Tuck)
– Decreased the knockback of the Axe from 125 to 50 (Tuck)

– Reworked Winchester by increasing primary damage and making right click ADS. Fire delay has been reduced as well.

Posted April 16, 2021