Human Additions:
– Rework the Grave Shovel (Lexy)
– Added New Tier 5 Weapon: ‘Devils Ruin’ (Medic & Liverneck)

Zombie Additions:
– New Antlion kill-icon (Lexy)

General Additions:
– New end round Songs (Mka, Lexy)
– Scoreboard panel color changed (Mka)

– ‘Owens’ Handgun is now automatic (Mka)
– Allow unphasing inside deployables (Mka)
– Forcefield now can block Stalker’s lasers (Lexy, Mka)
– New model for ‘Annabelle’ Rifle (Lexy)

– Fix bullets not going through fences (Lexy, Mka)
– Fix ‘Warmonger’ PPSH world model being upside-down (Lexy)
– Fix ‘Stabber’ M1 Garand melee attack not working (Lexy)
– Prevent out of the map exploit on zs_sludge (Mka)

– Add a 2.5 headshot multiplier on ‘Overcharge’ Pulse SMG (Bagel)
– Enable Cryo attachment and buff firing speed from 0.09 to 0.065 for ‘Warmonger’ PPSH (Medic)
– Nerf damage from 90 to 72 and reduce the required Ammo from 2 to 1 for ‘Long Arm’ Handgun (Medic)
– Surveyor attack increased from 35 to 45 and base HP from 1000 to 1650 (Lexy)
– Increased accuracy for ‘Alyx’ Pulse Pistol (Lexy, Mka)
– Increased velocity and damage from 85 to 87 for ‘Slinger’ Bolt Pistol (Lexy)
– Increased velocity and damage from 86 to 120 for ‘Inquisitor’ Crossbow (Lexy)
– Increased damage from 16.5 to 21 and accuracy for ‘CF-05’ Submachine Gun (Lexy)
– Increased damage from 26 to 28 for ‘Battleaxe’ Handgun (Lexy)

Sorry for the late post -Bagel

Posted May 10, 2022