– Allow disconnected client to be human still before Wave 0. (Mka)
– Removed extra view elements on the “Waraxe” Handgun. (Mka)
– Added support for telefrags. (Mka)
– Added the Tier 6 Melee “Berserk” Zweihander. (Replacement for Buster Sword) (Lexy, Tuck)
– Added the “Sprayer” Uzi “Resonance” Remantle. (Liverneck, Tuck)
– Added back the Power Fists as a Tier 4. (Tuck)
– Gave the Bolt Weapons the capabilities to equip Incendiary Mod. (Tuck)
– “Amigo” Assault Rifle now is able to equip Extended Magazine. (Tuck)
– “Jackhammer” Drum Shotgun now is able to equip Quickdraw Magazine. (Tuck)
– Increased the “Cosmos” Pulse Remantle Damage Multiplier from 0.65 to 0.725. (Tuck)
– Decreased the “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle Damage from 54 to 52. (Tuck)
– Increased the Primary Delay of the “Renegade” Rifle from 1 to 1.45 seconds per shot to more balance it with the Quasar. (Tuck)
– Fixed the “Triad” Assault Rifle Killicon. (Tuck)

Posted May 28, 2021