– Created a new Half life 2 styled UI for the Ammo Counter on Weapons. (Mka)

– “Longarm” Handgun is now a Tier 4 with Increased Damage and Clip Size. (Tuck)
– Ranged Weapons using AR Ammo will no longer be able to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Melee Weapons in the Arsenal are now organized in alphabetical order. (Tuck)

– Fixed the Rebar Mace Textures. (Lexy)
– “Avatar” Chemical Pistol Coding Reworked to patch the mode switching issue. (Liver)

– Increased the Damage on the “Waraxe” Handgun from 12 to 14.5. (Tuck)
– Reduced the Damage Multiplier on the “Crossfire” Glock-3 Shroud Remantler from 2.3x to 2x. (Tuck)
– Slightly reduced the accuracy on the “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle. (Tuck)
– “Tempest” Burst Pistol and “Longarm” Handgun are now able to equip the Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Removed Max Stock on “Edo” Katana. (Tuck)
– Reduced the Max Stock on the “Scorch” Blade from 3 to 2. (Tuck)

Posted June 23, 2021