== Additions ==
– Added new Tier 4 “Avatar” Chemical Pistol (Liverneck)
– Added back the “Convalescence” Medical Rifle (Without remantle for now). (Tuck)
– Added a new “Recall” Remantle to the “Ricochete” Magnum (Liverneck)
– Added a new “Sweeper” Shotgun “Punisher” Remantle (Liverneck)
– Remade Model for “Sprayer” Uzi “Resonance” Remantle (Liverneck)
– Gave “Stubber” Rifle and “Blaster” Shotgun the ability to equip Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)

== Fixes ==
– Fixed the ? in the Trinket Support Tab. (Mka)
– Fixed the Sludge Zombie Spawn where Boss Zombies would get stuck. (Mka)
– Fixed Many Kill Icons being too small. (Tuck)

== Changes ==
– Changed the Sawhack Razorhack Remantle to do Bleed Damage instead of the old mechanic. (Liverneck)
– Organized Alphabetically and Cleaned Up Arsenal Crate (Will Do Melee Soon) (Tuck)
– Voice chat is no longer enabled during mapvotes. (Mka)

== Balances ==
– Increased the Fire Delay on the Medic Rifle from 2.4 to 2.7.
– Decreased the Metal Chair Damage from 40 to 38. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Baseball Bat Damage from 62 to 60. (Tuck)
– Decreased the Fishing Spear Damage from 70 to 62. (Tuck)
– Increased the Pushing Broom Damage from 55 to 56. (Tuck)
– Increased the Shovel Damage from 60 to 65. (Tuck)
– Increased the Metal Chair Fire Delay from 0.7 to 0.75. (Tuck)
– Increased the Rebar Mace Ward Hammer Remantle Damage Multiplier from 0.75 to 0.85. (Tuck)

Posted June 08, 2021