– Gameplay Hud, Killfeed, and Main Menu have been revamped to now more represent a Half-Life Theme. (Mka)
– Exfil revamped to now involve fighting against The Combine using Pulse Rifles and Stun Batons. (Mka)

– Lacerators are now unlocked on Wave 5 to help against runners. (Mka)
– Pukepus is now poplocked on low pop. (Mka)

– “Snitcher” Shotgun and “Headhunter” Sniper has been removed. (Mka)
– Removed Exfil Damage Reset. (Mka)

– “Silencer” SMG and “Reaper” UMP are now able to equip the Extended Magazine. (Tuck)

Posted July 01, 2021