– Armor Plate System Added. (Mka)
– Added new Armor Ammo Icon. (Tuck)

– Exfil Combine Soldiers Buffed and HP are now balanced off of alive humans. (Mka)
– Deployables are now not able to be placed during exfil. (Mka)
– Allowed Crows to now do damage. (Mka)
– Changed the UI for Rejuvenator, Medical Kit, and “Savior” Medic Pistol. (Liverneck)
– ACOG Attachment has been disabled. (Tuck)
– Cryogenic Ammunition has been enabled. (Tuck)

– Fixed Incendiary Bolt Weapon Bug. (Mka)
– Fixed issue with Exfil Combine Spawning in the ground. (Mka)
– Fixed Exfil Timer being under Generator Icons. (Mka)

– “Annabelle” Birdshot Remantle now uses Buckshot Ammo instead of Rifle at the cost of less damage. (tuck)
– “Annabelle” Rifle is now able to equip the Quickdraw Modification. (Tuck)
– Increased the damage of the “Avatar” Chemical Pistol from 28 to 32. (Tuck)
– Lucille’s Fire Delay was reduced from 1.75 to 1.6. (Tuck)
– “Sokols” Assault Rifle Damage has been increased from 24 to 25. (Tuck)
– “Zombie Drill” Desert Eagle Accuracy has been slightly reduced. (Tuck)
– “Longarm” Handgun Accuracy has been increased. (Tuck)
– Lacerator’s Fast Damage and Slow Damage have been increased slightly. (Tuck)

Posted July 20, 2021