– New Boss Selection Mechanic! (Mka)
– Instead of being picked as boss for doing the most amount of human damage, you now able to buy boss during intermission for DNA.
– DNA is gathered from either hitting players or hitting barricades of alive players. The specific numbers being 100 Player Damage = 5 DNA and 500 Barricade Damage = 5 DNA. You will also be notified whenever you have reached a threshold to be given DNA.
– Bosses can now only spawn during wave active after being purchased.
– Starting zombies as well as players who die and turn into zombie will start out with 10 DNA to work with.
– Added Vortigaunt Player Model and Chat Sounds. (Mka)

– Fixed typos in weapons causing said weapons to not be able to equip Quickdraw Magazine. (Mka)
– Fixed the boss spawn on zs_ravine. (Mka)

– Fixed the Rebar Mace textures. (Mka, Lexy)
– Removed the Zombine Sprinting Mutation. Zombines can do it normally now. (Mka)

Posted July 29, 2021