– Various new maps (Bagel)

– Various new cosmetics (Lexy)

– ‘Winchester’ Shotgun – New Remant path ‘Slug Rounds’ (Lexy)

– New Antlion Worker Class (MKA)

– Enabled ‘Corrosive’ mutation and reworked for Antlion Worker (MKA)

– New Cremator Boss (MKA and Lexy)

– Environment particles for Frost Shade and Cremator (MKA)

– Bosses are now outlined in zombie vision (MKA)

– New Weapon Fire Modes System (MKA)

– Nuclear bomb event after exfil (MKA)

– New Prop Duplicator Deployable (Liverneck, MKA, Bagel, Andrewstown)


– Surveyer – Increased speed from 218 -> 225 (MKA)

– ‘Enderman’ Shotgun – Damage 13 -> 16, Numshots 8 -> 5 (MKA)

– Increased ignite time of incendiary ammo from 2 -> 5 seconds (MKA)

– ‘Crackler’ Assault Rifle – Allowed Quickdraw (MKA)

– Increased Surveyor and Wraith prop force (Medic Man)

– Stalker – Increased laser damage from 2 -> 5 (MKA)

– Lowered damage threshold for gaining points from crawler based zombies (MKA)

– Upped player threshold for boss from 10 -> 15 players (MKA)

‘Splinter’ Sawed-Off – (Andrewstown)
– Cone Minimum Size 4 > 7
– Cone Maximum Size 5 > 10
– Cone Minimum Reduction per Remantle -1.069 > -0.6
– Cone Maximum Reduction per Remantle -1.125 > -0.6

Fixed Bugs:

– Medic aura not rendering properly when switching weapons (MKA)

– Multiple corrupt fragments not working with tele device at random (MKA)

– Nests being blocked by humans/props and not allowing spawn (MKA, Lexy)

– Issues with spawning causing zombies to spawn where they were spectating. (MKA)

– Shade shield not being removed upon death (MKA)

– Inventory screen soft-lock when loading into game (MKA)

– Various Scoreboard badges not working (Lexy)

– Rare clientside error with shade shield (MKA)

– Improved telepad collisions and teleportation checking (MKA)

– Melee charge attacks allowing to be released while phasing (MKA)

– Cosmetic skins not applying to arsenal and resupply backpacks (Bagel)

– Disallowed nailing of ragdolls and npcs (MKA)

– Golf club sounds not working (Lexy)

– Removed Unnecessary punishment for unailing friends nails. (Andrewstown)


– Smart Targeter – Now locks view on to players due to change in medic tools (MKA)

– Allowed corrupt fragment during all of wave 6 instead of limiting it (MKA)

– Allowed human damage from zombies after game ends (MKA)

– Allowed redeeming on wave 6 (MKA)

– Removed Cannibalism (MKA)

– Rat and Antlions can now sprint (MKA)

– Improved zombie vision with outlines and updated aura (MKA)

– Disallowed placing teleporters on OBJ maps (MKA)

– Devour hook now comes back instead of disappearing (MKA)

– Replaced gas event with nukes at wave 6 end (MKA)

– Increased zombie vision brightness (MKA)

– Updated head hit-box for Fast Zombie and Zombine (Lexy)

– Generator deployables can now be interacted with during Pre-Game (MKA)

– Boss stock no longer stacks if there isn’t enough players to be boss (MKA)

– Re-ordered Tools, Deployables, Other, and Traits tabs. (Andrewstown)

– Removed Arsenal and Resupply packs. They will be on your back if you have either in your inventory. (Andrewstown, MKA)

– Redid Ammo hud to be more compatible with various items, along with touch up to fit Half Life Theme. (Andrewstown, MKA)

– Updated Nail ammo icon to be Grey instead of White. (Andrewstown)

– Dis-allowed repurchase of weapons already held. (helps prevent buying guns on accident) (Andrewstown)

– Allowed hammers to be buffed by Strength. (do more repairs) (Andrewstown, Bagel)

– Heal floaters now display as whole numbers instead of decimals. (Andrewstown)

Set separate notifications when healed, per tool type, per person. Now visually shows Remant tier. (Andrewstown)

== Andrewstown Medic Overhaul ==

Added New Tier 5 Medic tool: ‘Afterlife’ Healing Pad
– “The Ultimate Healing device. PRIMARY ATTACK = Heal selected target. RELOAD = Tab through players. SECONDARY ATTACK = Refresh player listings”

– Medic needed a more reliable way to heal groups of people. If used effectively and in the right scenario, this tool can be very useful for keeping a group of humans topped off.

‘Rejuvinator’ Healing Ray –
– Primary Delay 0.36 > 0.36 and benefits from tool cool-down bonuses.
– Healing per Remantle 0.3 > 1

New Bottom Path: ‘Resilience’ Support Ray
– “Double ammo use. Build up Buff Charge to provide buffs at any health. RELOAD to select buff. SECONDARY to discharge buff.”

– Rejuv is the most reliable late game medic item. I buffed it to be even more effective as the late game medic item. I added another remant path to allow for a different play-style.

‘Survivor’ Medical Kit –
– Fixed Cooldown bonus not applying.
– Made ammo consumption/cooldown apply to amount healed instead of being static. (100% efficiency)
– Ammo Per Use 15 > 13
– Primary Cooldown 6.5 > 5
– Heal 17 > 20
– Healing per Remantle 1.5 > 2
– Cooldown Reduction per Remantle -0.7 > -0.5

New Middle Path: ‘Proficiancy’ Medical Kit
– “Removes self heal, but uses less ammo.”

New Bottom Path: ‘Runner’ Medical Kit
– “Less penalty for self heal, but uses more ammo”

— Medkit should be the basis of all medic items. It’s the most generic and most reliable. I added remant paths for different playstyles.

‘Savior’ Medic Gun –
– Changed from projectile to bullet/trace
– Is now Automatic
– Added a cone
– Ammo to shot conversion 5 > 4
– Primary Delay 0.9 > 0.4 (was cut in half elsewhere in code for some reason, now on delay)
– Heal 4 > 5
– Healing per Remantle 0.6 > 1

Bottom Path: ‘Alleviator’ Medic Gun
– Fire Rate Bonus Multiplyer 0.6x > 0.5x
– Heal Multiplyer 1x > 0.85x

— Medic gun was superior to medkit, so I gave them different uses. Medkit is more efficient, Medic gun is more healing/sec. Bottom path had no downside besides no buff, so I made it shoot much faster, at the cost of point efficiency. I added a cone to make medic rifle the counterpart with infinite range.

‘Covalesecence’ Medical Rifle –
– Changed from projectile to bullet/trace
– Now applies bonus healing scaled from a minimum to maximum distance, up to 5.
– Now applies speed and defense by default, not just defense.
– Primary Delay 2.7 > 2
– Heal 13 > 20
– Healing per Remantle 1.1 > 2

— I made Medic Rifle more of a range based medic item, which rewards when used from afar. You can also choose which buff path you would like.

Medic Cloud Bomb –
– Healpower 3 > 4
– Point Return Rate 0.5 > 0.75

— Med bomb needed to be more powerful and returning, so you can get back your points if used properly and people will have more incentive to use it for the team.

Medical Trinkets/Traits

Surgeon –
– Medical Cooldown Multiplyer -34% > -10%
– Heal Multiplier 1.34x > 1.25x

Remedial Booster –
– Heal Multiplier 1.08x > 1.1x

Medical processor –
– Medical Tool Cooldown Multiplier -10% > -5%

Curative Kit
– Medical Tool Cooldown Multiplier -15% > -10%

— Surgeon was a must have to be medic, otherwise the medic items were to under-powered to pick up mid-game. I knocked everything down to make the cool-downs globally shared and easier to balance while buffing medic items themselves to be better on their own.

— Overall for medic, everything has more potential healing, but requires more skill, so medics don’t feel held back by numbers and thus requires less medics overall. It needed the love I gave it to adjust the values to be balanced with each other. Now they all have their own purposes early and later game and medics have to put more thought into their game-play, and more potential overall.

For more info on the state of Medic, use Andrewstown’s data sheet to see current values in place.

Posted September 22, 2022