– Zombine Crawler is now available as a Wave 5 unlock. ( MK, Lexy

– Limited Summer Time Event! Collect currency and unlock new cosmetics in-game! ( Lexy

– Rat is now available as a spectator class. ( MK, Lexy


– All weapon tiers 1-6 have been updated with balances from community feedback. ( MK

– Increased boss hp values for some classes with community feedback. ( MK

– Reduced Stalker’s laser attack damage and fire duration. (MK

– Reduced the cost of the Regenerative Trait in the worth menu. ( MK

– Increased Lacerator pounce damage and pounce delay. ( Medic Man

– Increased Fast Zombie pounce delay. ( Medic Man

– Significantly reduced “CPT.’s Hand Cannon” ammo cost per shot. ( Medic Man

– Increased Medical kit heal amount and reduced the heal delay between uses. ( Medic Man


– Rotation speed while holding props is now smoother. ( Bagel

– Ignite is now handled by a status and no longer causes team damage/prop ignition. ( MK

– ‘Savior’ Medic Gun is now using hitscan instead of projectiles for improved use and optimization.
( Healing darts will now go through full health players to hit low hp players! ) ( MK

– Bosses no longer can spawn in during exfil stage. ( MK

– Various bugs with the new transparency optimization have been squashed. ( MK

– Player points/frag scores over 2,047 will no longer reset. ( MK

– Various character sounds have been optimized and fixed. ( Red Razer

– Antlion now has proper movement collisions. ( Lexy, MK

– Rat now has a proper ragdoll. ( Lexy


– Rat damage has increased from 4 -> 10. ( MK

– Rats can now sprint with Left Shift or whatever is bound to sprint. ( MK

– Lacerator / Howler models have been updated to a new placeholder ( hitbox is slightly better ). ( MK

– Nightmare’s Abyss no longer adds the blinding status effect. ( MK

– Radioactive zombie has been disabled for balance purposes. ( MK

– Toggling undead vision is now enabled for dead players. ( MK

– Spectator classes are now chosen at random such as Crow or Rat. ( MK


Posted July 05, 2022