– Added a new model for the Health Station. (Lexy, Mka)
– Added Boss Stock where if Xen Creatures don’t become Boss for a wave, it will be added to the stock amount of boss lives which will allow these unused boss lives to be used later in the game. (Mka)
– Added a Blood Armor mechanic for Zombies. Zombines and Bonemesh currently spawn with Blood Armor and more features will be added to it in the future! (Mka)
– Cleaned up and Added New Hud Elements in the HL2 style including Points, DNA, and other small details. (Mka)
– Added a status icon for when you are effected by the Howler Attack Speed Buff. (Mka)
– Added pictures, descriptions, and cleaned up map names for the current maps in FWKZT Mapvote. (Tuck, Mka)
– Navmeshed and added multiple new maps to the ZS server. (Tuck)

– Zombines’ Resistances have now been removed in place of Blood Armor. (Mka)
– Removed the “Avatar” Chem Pistol. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Punisher” Remantle on the “Sweeper” Shotgun. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Recall” Remantle on the “Ricochete” Revolver. (Tuck)
– Removed the “Resonance” Remantle on the “Sprayer” Uzi. (Tuck)

– Zombine Primary Attack is now automatic. (Mka)
– Zombines will no longer be able to start grenading while feigned. (Mka)
– Updated Night Vision Goggles to support projected textures. (Mka)

– Did a Temporary Fix for the Drones having bugged aim. (Mka)
– Fixed the Antlion hull and reduced its scale. (Mka)

Posted August 25, 2021