– Zombines and Antlions are now able to move and attack at the same time! (Mka)
– Headcrabs now have a 1st person view model. (Mka, Lexy)

– Fixed the resupply not opening all the way. (Bagel)
– Fixed Zombine View Model. (Mka)
– Fixed Antlion Wings Details. (Mka)
– Multiple fixes to the new boss selection system. (Mka)

– Changed up the Attack Speed on the Antlion Attack. (Mka)
– Increased the “Avatar” Chem Pistol Damage from 32 to 36. (Tuck)
– Decreased the damage of the Combine Jackhammer from 8.5 damage per pellet to 2 damage per pellet. (Tuck)

Posted August 03, 2021