Chat Commands

!store – Opens the Official FWKZT Store
!stopmusic – Stop the current sounds playing ( same thing as using stopsound in console, just faster )
!spin – Opens the custom spinner menu for changing the color of your spinner etc.
!stats – Opens the FWKZT ZS stats page where you can see your own stats or search for others.
!medic – Lets medics know you need medical assistance, very useful and can be bound via ( bind ‘m’ ‘zs_medicalert’ in console ) (ZS)
!fix – Opens a page to the Official FWKZT Mall of the Dead Collection.
!tags – Opens the menu to change your own tag and others as well.
!forum – Opens a link to this forum site.
!site – Opens a link to our main site.
!steam – Opens a link to our main steam group.
!drop – Used for ZE maps and allows you to drop materias. (ZE)
!refresh – Use this to sync any newly bought products from our official fwkzt store!
!rank – Use this to sync any rank changes updated by our community!
!discord – Opens a link to connect our discord server.
!motd – Opens the message of the day ( rules, news )
!back – Lets you take back control if being bot controlled. (ZS)
!class – Used by undead to open their class selection menu. (ZS)
!worth – Used by anyone wanting to open the worth menu. (ZS)
!kill – Allows you to kill yourself in-game for whatever reason. (ZS)
!logs – Prints damagelogs for the previous round in console. (TTT)