1. Be respectful to others (No racism, Harassment, or Discrimination).

2. No spamming in chat or voice (voice changers included).

3. No advertising other servers.

4. Treat everyone with respect and don’t instigate drama.


1. No stream sniping.

2. No Killing on Sight [KOS] unless in a [KOS] zone.

3. No combat logging / exploiting game mechanics (duping items).


1. Roleplay is highly encouraged but not strictly enforced.

2. No erotic roleplaying.

3. If roleplaying, try not going Out of Character [OOC] (Unless you are adding someone or helping with game mechanics).

4. When robbing someone please give them time to react to instructions, do NOT just gun them down UNLESS they were taking hostile action against you.
( You may shoot : If they start aiming a gun at you while being robbed or they try to escape from captivity. )

5. Do NOT shoot complying victims of squads. If you rob a group and one starts attacking but the others don’t and surrender, only shoot the offender!

6. Players that have been robbed must be left with enough supplies to not die from the harsh conditions of Chernarus.


1. No stealing from others at the trader.

2. Cars parked at the trader for more than 3 days will be removed.

3. After buying a vehicle, make sure to move the vehicle away from the Trader as soon as possible.

4. Throw any garbage/ruined items into the trash at the Traders (helps server performance).

5. No robbing 1000 meters from the trade zones.

6. Out of Character [OOC] is fully allowed at traders.


1. You can only have one main base (5 doors max), and up to 3 small bases (1-2 doors).

2. When raiding, you can take items but don’t take everything the player owns and don’t completely destroy their base.

3. During a base raid outside of the KOS Zone, you may NOT kill the defenders unless they are retaliating against you. Such as shooting at you or openly defying instructions during raid.

4. No glitching into peoples bases.

5. Do NOT base inside known military areas or block main roads, this will result in your base being removed.


1. You can kill anyone on sight if they are located INSIDE the zone which is marked with a red circle on your map ( M ).

2. You may NOT shoot players located outside the zone while inside and vice versa.

3. You can offline raid any base located inside a zone.