[ About our Server ]

We strive to make sure our players can work to earn their way of living in Chenarus.
Allowing everyone to just buy anything from a Trader is NOT fair nor is it balanced.
That’s why survivors should have to scavenge to find the supplies and shelter they need.
Traders should only be a small market place to offer some deals and mostly used as a place to sell things for stored profit.

[ Altar General Trader ]

This is the general trader, here you find low tier weapons, clothing, hardware and more!
Keep in mind, you can also sell pelts and other hunting supplies at this location.
Don’t expect anything too flashy or high tier, you’ll want to find a better trader for that.

[ Rogovo Military Trader ]

This is the military trader, here you can buy/sell high tier weapons, clothing, attachments and more!
Be cautious though, other players will be tempted to follow you out and grab that high tier loot via robbery.

[ Bashnya Black Market ]

This is where you can purchase various rare items and sell them.
The black market (BM) is VERY dangerous as you can be killed on sight anytime.
No ATM, no safe zone, and no real security. Be cautious when venturing here.

[ Kill On Sight Zones ]

The zones marked on the map with red blips signify the KOS Zones.
You will be warned via text chat when entering/leaving these zones.
These areas are where the most violent acts can happen, such as murder and raiding.
While going into these zones, you also have a high chance of getting something good, however at a high risk of death.
Any bases found may be raided at anytime inside these zones, so only base here if your brave enough.

[ Areas outside of KOS Zones ]

The areas outside of the zones mentioned above are classified as “Non Violent” areas.
However, there can be situations that warrant violence to happen such as robbery and raiding.
You can be robbed and its up to you to either comply or defend. Choosing the latter might result in your death.
You can be raided but only while your online and there to defend yourself.
No offline raiding is allowed if your base is outside a KOS zone.

Discord : https://discord.io/SquashTheOrange
Rules : https://fwkzt.com/dayz-rule-list

[ Useful Hotkeys ]

P = Party System Menu
M = In-game Map
N = Earbuds
F5 = Surrender ( puts hands up )