Standard Subscription – Available Now For $5/month!

Hey zombie killers, today we announce the release of our new Standard Subscriber package! The days of gold pass, supporter, and other packages are over, as we aim to offer you a subscription-based service with loads of content included in one package. Here are some of the benefits of the new standard subscriber package:

– Access to all custom player models on supported gamemodes ( TTT, ZS, Hub ).
– Map-voting increased by 30{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f}.
– Challenge Rewards are increased by 10{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f}.
– Cosmetic shop item prices are 30{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f} off.
– Chat Tag immunity ( other players can’t change your chat tag. )
– Forum, Discord and Ingame ranks.
– Subscriber exclusive ingame chat emojis.
– Subscriber exclusive ingame chat sounds.
– Access to purchase in-game Subscriber cosmetics.

How does it work?
– This item can be purchased in the official FWKZT Store using PayPal.
– Upon checkout, PayPal will automatically setup a subscription for you once you agree to the initial purchase.
– You may cancel this subscription at any time via PayPal, and you can also get this refunded if you are not satisfied.

What happened to all the old items? Do I still keep my benefits?
– The old items such as Gold Pass, Supporter, etc. are disabled for now.
– If you purchased one of these packages in the past, you get to keep those benefits for life.

Visit and start your subscription today!

Posted October 07, 2020