Happy Holidays!

From the FWKZT Team to you, we wish you happy holidays in the coming week or two. While time with loved ones is important, FWKZT game servers will continue to be up through the holiday season if you wish to hop on during any downtime you may have over the next week.

For those of you looking for a good deal with this year’s Steam Winter Sale, Garry’s Mod is 50{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f} off & Rust is 33{58b9ed9c38c1893e89d321a7e79f098da87a74fbfc6bcc1f8f04e72ec4e2ac1f} off. Now might be a good time to get someone else you know about the community! Besides these two deals, there are many more you can pickup before next year.

Current projects


With a considerable amount of content completed already, current works such as HUB itself and Virus (Contained within) will be scheduled for launch sometime in 2020. For those of you not familiar with HUB, you can think of it like a social environment where you can gather around with friends and make new ones, in an expansive lobby with tons of features to play around with!

HUB will also feature an API tied into the FWKZT services, so those of you who have been supporting us up to now may get to indulge in the new experience in rewarding ways!


With the restructure of the FWKZT Website going full-blown WordPress, we now have a system in which developers and admins can contribute equally. Because of this, we are also planning to re-launch the wiki on the new website. This new wiki will be a robust source of information for things such as

  • In-game items
  • Usage of GP
  • Community Information
  • Developer Documentation
  • Much, much more!

Along with the wiki will also come continuous development on the current website to uphold current features as well as re-implement some of the features we lost during the website restructure.


With all of the plans we have for next year, we hope you stick around to see some of these projects launch! For now, enjoy the holiday weekend, we can’t wait to have you around next year!

– FWKZT Team

Posted December 23, 2019