Hello Discord!

If you are coming from Discord to see our website for the first time, welcome! We’ve been doing quite a bit of work around here to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible. For those of you who are returning, we apologize for some of the recent setbacks with our website. We have fixed numerous issues involving the following:

  • Better performance, website requires half as much bandwidth to load web-pages now
  • Forms are now fully functional & don’t hang when submitting
  • Forums are a little more spruced up now(we can always take your suggestions if you have any)
  • Less cruft at the top of the page. The design is now simply a text background features community-submitted screenshots

Forums and beyond

There was a time long ago, before even our Discord existed, in which everything involving FWKZT could be found on our forums. We didn’t even have a main website, store, or anything else; we had a forum. Over time however, we found it harder and harder to keep involvement in the platform. While we mastered the art of managing & maintaining a web forum, we slowly tapered off in popularity. When Discord first started growing in popularity, we decided to hop on the train and created a rather involved following. Fast-foward to now, because of this decision, we face several issues:

With a website we can make API’s, forms for appeals, and heavily personalized announcements that tie directly into our game servers. Discord however:

  1. Is not hosted by us
  2. Cannot be modified beyond basic server settings
  3. Has an un-modifiable API (Meaning we have to play by their rules)
  4. Easily discards important information (A chat room with 2 years of content can be wiped permanently with one-click
  5. Can’t archive anything efficiently (You just have to search to hope you eventually find whatever you are looking for)
  6. Encourages laziness (Why visit a website when I can just post to Discord!?)
  7. Changes privacy clauses constantly (Surprise, your data is no longer confidential)

For a time, we briefly shut down our forums and brought it back again last year for an attempted revival. However, it was already clear that Discord was having a drastic effect on our forum participation. With the new website, we decided once again to re-hash the forum in a attempt to bring all of our applications to one platform. By doing this, we hope that integrating the forum to encourage activity can lead to rewards such as in-game benefits, content sneak-peaks, and much more.

While you don’t have to be a daily poster, consider making at least a basic introduction to get the ball rolling. Our intention is to begin putting far more focus on our website than our Discord.

Where can I find stuff?

For those of you having issues finding various hot spots on the website, here is comprehensive list of web pages old and new:

Thanks for visiting, we’ll see you back again soon!

Posted January 10, 2020