Hello, we’ve been busy!


We have made many recent strides in development to deliver new content to you, the player. From new servers(physical and gaming servers) to new content, we are continuing to push towards many of the exciting projects we have planned for this year!


For those of you who missed the Minecraft announcment, you can read more here. In addition, you can also read previous announcments on our brand new feed!


We’ve recently changed our servers to a new box to help centralize our resources and improve server performance. New IP’s follow for our current gameservers:

  • Zombie Survival :
  • Trouble in Terrorist Town :


  • We just officially hit version 2.0 of the website! We’ve made several improvements including recent changes such as
  • More responsive design
  • Minecraft account verification
  • Stats page rework & public profiles added back
  • Cross-browser compatible forms
  • News feed
  • Less bandwidth usage(Down almost 75{fed792480a681ae8acca659eb19200681cdd989a416bedf69d9dd81bf0ae63be} on some graphic-heavy pages)

Coming soon we will be implementing features such as

  • Fully-functional GP store
  • Auto-post new forum threads to Discord
  • Custom announcement post to Discord
  • Better security with APIs
  • More API support for Minecraft server
  • Much more!


Make sure to follow our news feed! Until the next announcment, stay tuned.

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Posted January 25, 2020