Welcome to the FWKZT Minecraft Page!

FWKZT Minecraft has been released with a slew of content, features, and systems with many more to come. Go survive with friends or solo with claiming enabled to ensure you won’t come back to a crater, or go explore spawn where you can trade and fight in the arena, fight in 1 v 1, team fights, skirmish, Survival Games, or other battle modes to test your skills against other Minecraft players!

GP has been synced with Minecraft and the support levels will come soon after, you have to follow this link after doing the instructions in-game.

Vivecraft has been enabled so you can players in VR with a certain plugin, the link bellow is a packed version of the game that you can pop into MultiMC with ease.

FWKZT Minecraft Vanilla will continue to develop as time goes on, this is no way the final product.

Minecraft 1.15.2 Packed with Optifine and Non-VR Support.

Server IP:

Minecraft Image