In correlation with the constant expansion of our web services, FWKZT provides a publicly callable JSON API for various community statistics

We currently have API support for


Hub is a new project focused on bringing a social environment to Garry’s Mod!

Do a wide range of activities, create and chill out in your or others homes, and make new connections with people and servers revolving around FWKZT!

Struggle in a fast paced infection game mode where the Survivors have to survive a certain time limit while preventing to be touched by the glowing green infected!

Horror sets the theme in this port of Zombie Panic! Source to Garry’s Mod.


Steam2JSON is a online web API meant for use on finding live information on game servers using the Source Query protocol.

With built support for SRCDS and Minecraft servers, Steam2JSON, is a publicly available API that allows for anyone to utilize it. Steam2JSON currently delivers all information in the form of a JSON object.

Steam2JSON is now currently available. It is an external service, however is maintained and actively developer by members of the FWKZT development team.