1. This is the only official FWKZT Discord Server – You can use this permanent invite as a way to invite your friends here:

2. Don’t be an idiot, this includes:

  • Staying on topic in serious channels like #zs_chat | #hub_chat | #hvh_chat | #ttt_chat.
  • Posting irrelevant things in irrelevant channels ( I.E. posting bot commands outside of the #bot_commands text channel ).
  • No spamming.
  • No excessive dm’ing or pinging other members, administration or developers. There are specific chats for addressing said groups.
  • No impersonating other members or administration.
  • Do NOT provide unhelpful answers to questions asked in channels such as #mapping_chat and #tech_support.
  • No mindless shitposting when actual discussion is taking place.
  • Don’t join a game channel to troll or backseat moderate. If you are joining a game channel, actually participate and play.
  • No begging for ranks.

3. While content should lean towards SFW, we host a gamemode that involves killing things; expect moderate levels of NSFW to be acceptable.

4. Do not advertise your stuff or post invites to other Discord servers.

5. Do not bring up any drama, whether it’s old or new ( I.E. Ranting about a past/current Player/Admin | Discussing of banned users ).

6. Do not harass ANYONE on this Discord, this also includes planning to raid other servers.

7. Please don’t derail conversations with shitposting, try to be an overall good contribution to the community discussions.

8. Read pinned messages! They include specific channel rules Failure to abide by any of the rules above will get you deranked, muted, kicked or banned; No particular order depending on the level of offense.


#info_server_links = Complete list of all viable information links as well as a complete list of all servers hosted by FWKZT

#news = FWKZT related news is posted here

#change-log = Written out list of server changes with the git-log

#player_evaluations = Anyone promoted / accepted will be shown here