The Official FWZKT Store

After the transition to the new site, it was clear it would be a challenge to build our own in-house system that would integrate with other aspects of the Website and WordPress platform in general. While Open Cart was a good solution for our old system, the WordPress platform offers plugins to handle e-commerce needs and provide extended e-commerce features. We chose The WordPress Simple Cart e-Commerce Plugin to help migrate and replace the Open Cart platform that we used on our old system.

What Does This Mean for Me?

While the design might look much different, the store inventory and prices have not changed. In order to use the Official FWKZT Store, however, you will need to be registered and signed-in with your Steam Account.

The new Simple Cart plugin we are using utilizes PayPal Express Checkout. This features two-ways to pay:

  1. Use an Existing PayPal Account
  2. Credit Card or Debit Card as a Guest

Here is an image that demonstrates how to use the PayPal Checkout screen:

Paypal Image


We chose to use PayPal Express Checkout to get your items to you as soon as possible. Once you make your purchase, your items will be synced in-game once you re-join the server and the map has been changed. If you have an issue claiming your items please open a ticket on the FWKZT Discord.

While The Official FWKZT Store and other aspects of the website are still having their design touched-up, here are some things you can anticipate from us soon:

  • The Chop-Shop. We plan to migrate the Chop-Shop to the website in an effort to centralize our content. As you earn GP in game, you can purchase eligible rewards on the website (Spinners, LH Songs, etc.) and equip them in game using a simplified UI. In the future this will make it much easier for contributors and developers to add new content.
  • FAQ Page. We plan to publish an FAQ page in order to address some of the questions any of you might have about our new platform. We encourage you to read our updated Privacy Policy to learn more about we operate our Service.
  • The Wiki. We plan to release a public Wiki where users can document game strategies, learn about the history of FWKZT, or just have fun reading and contributing with other FWKZT Community Members!

Along with reading this post, we also encourage you to get involved on the Forums to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the community.

– The FWKZT Team


Posted January 13, 2020