Apply for staff?

If you're interested in applying for staff, click here.

Apply for developer?

Interested in developing at FWKZT? Here's some options for you:

Lua Developer


  • Balance in-game weapon and player stats
  • Create new(SCK) weapons and in-game features
  • Fix bugs reported by players
  • Be able to take player ideas and turn them into reality
  • Be willing to work on non-zs related projects
  • Be willing to learn basic GLua(Think of it as a super-simplified version of Lua, a high-level scripting langauge)

SDK Mapper


  • Create visually appealing & optimized maps for the game servers
  • Be willing to fix up old maps to enhance gameplay on them
  • Provide examples of your work to be documented & be willing to write documentation for the SDK mapping process
  • Be willing to learn the basics to good SDK mapping design & optimization

Web Developer


  • Write semantic HTML content on the FWKZT website
  • Write functioning, secure back-end code for website functioning
  • Regularly posting web content on the forums, wiki, and other forms of media to increase web presence of FWKZT
  • Be willing to learn components of a full LAMP stack(basic Linux commands, Apache webserver configs, MySQLi, PHP, Javascript(including jQuery), CSS3, and HTML5)

I've never had experience in any of these things!

That's ok, while experience is nice, this could be the perfect place for you to get first-hand experience in various development areas!

If you are interested in development, visit our Discord and ping a developer to get started!