Apply to FWKZT

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What is FWKZT?

We always encourage players to engage in teamwork and get along with fellow players. Everyone has the chance to get involved in the community at any level.

How does this page work?

Please select the following application you would like to fill out. For developer and admin applications, you must complete the following:
  1. Be accepted as a community member
  2. Have no previous bans on the community servers
  3. Speak fluent English
  4. Be able to spend time regularly each week on the servers or developing
  5. Be an active member in community discussion(Discord,Forums,Etc.)

To be either a community member OR admin, you must complete the following:

  1. Be registered on the Forums
  2. Be a member of the FWKZT Official Discord
  3. Have a copy of your SteamID
  4. Be free of affiliation to other gaming communties. You can play on other gaming servers, but you cannot hold a community rank on another server

How many times can you apply?

You can apply once for each position. From that point, an admin must either approve or deny you before you can submit another application. Note that additionally for admin and developer applications, you will not be allowed to apply if you are not accepted as a community member first

You will be notified in the Discord server on the status of your application if it is accepted

I'm getting an error when I submit my application, what is happening?

If you are getting an error when submitting your application, a number of things could be causing this:

  1. Not authorized - Note you can only fill out an application once and cannot apply again until an admin approves or denies it.r
  2. Validation failed - You must fill out all fields when you submit your application. You must also answer the security question correctly
  3. External failure - If you're trying to post to this url from an external script for whatever reason, this is not allowed. You can only fill out an application on this webpage

Note that your submissions are logged, if you attempt to abuse this system, you will be barred from making future applications in addition to a punishment on the community servers