FWKZT Server Rules

Make sure you scroll down and read every rule

- Do not hack or exploit: This includes hovering your drones over the catwalk on Abandoned Mall, where the zombies can't reach.

- No NSFW Talk: Our server is open for players of all age, please keep this in mind.

- Do NOT be racist or use racial slurs: We have zero tolerance for racism.

- Do NOT advertise: This includes appended links on your user name.

- Do NOT mic spam or chat spam: This includes soundboards and annoying noises.

- Do NOT steal props or craft-ables: Once a cading spot is claimed, a player has full control over props within the interior of the store. Only the cader and people they designate to help are allowed to touch ANY props.

- Do not nail props in Z spawn or leave props to block spawn

- Do NOT troll your own team: This includes giving away positions, destroying props or generally being a nuisance.

- Do NOT be hostile towards new players: You were in their shoes at one point. Providing advice like "alt+f4" and "quit" when asking a serious question will get you punished.

- Do NOT be overly hostile to other players in chat or on mic: Administration will decide what constitutes 'overly'.

- Do NOT abuse the voting system: Votes should only be used in a situation when no admins are available to help. Making votes for idiotic reasons or when an admin is on will result in revoking of rank.

- Do NOT impersonate an admin or backseat moderate: Let the admins do their job. If you have an issue with one, file a report.

By connecting to our server, we reserve the right to punish/kick/ban you if you do not follow our rules of conduct.

By clicking "I agree", you acknowledge all of terms above and will abide by them.